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Title People who have aggravated the situation even more after taking similar psychology training
Posted by infidelitytherapy (ip:)
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  • Date 2019-08-28 23:38:17
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People who have aggravated the situation even more after taking similar psychology training

I have opened to the public more than 2,000 videos of seminars through Youtube and other media. Please do not get deceived by programs that employ similar methods of counseling, speeches, coaching, and training. There are more and more people who apply and employ the information they learned from my videos for their own counseling, coaching, psychology training, and advice. Utmost caution must be taken against these pseudo treatment programs.

I get 2 to 5 e-mails that complain about experiencing difficulty due to similar psychology training programs.

Wives send me e-mails saying that they took similar psychology treatment training at another place, but pain and rage came back after some time, or they thought they had been treated, but it turned out that they had developed wound dissociation and experienced serious problems due to the rage of hysteria.

Also, husbands send me e-mails saying that they suffered from wife infidelity, and got a divorce or separation during the process of similar psychology training. Then, they lived having fun and pleasure with women and got into serious trouble, or got into different addictions losing all the values of life.

Of course, those similar psychology training programs may be part of what I myself developed during the process of designing and constructing treatment training. However, those certainly are incomplete with problems, and cover only about a third of the whole Mind Training of 20 hours.

I have continued to modify the psychology training program since I first developed it 7 years ago. It was in June 2016 that I perfected the 20 hour Mind Training program. Also, it took a couple of more years to complete the 10 week program, the 2 week program, Therapy Tour, and On-line Treatment Training. Then, I stopped running all other programs than Therapy Tour and On-line Treatment Training.

Also, it was verified that the establishment of happiness ability as well as wound treatment and psychology treatment is achieved only by the combination of Mind Training, therapeutic tasks, videos of seminars, and consultation.

However, the psychology training programs that are similar to Mind Training are incomplete as they were developed a few years ago. They cause incomplete treatment with continuous suffering, or serious psychological disorders due to wound dissociation. Many people have experienced similar problems and come with the will to start all over again with treatment training (Mind Training, therapeutic tasks, videos of seminars, consultation) after taking such incomplete psychology training.

It is a pity that expense as well as time has been wasted.

People even ask for a discount thinking pseudo psychology training programs and Infidelity Treatment Training are similar ones when they apply for Therapy Tour and On-line Treatment Training.

The early versions of psychology training are pilot programs developed during the process of completing the treatment methods. I feel awkward that I am sometimes blamed for what I have not claimed for.

You must start from the beginning with Therapy Tour or On-line Treatment Training even if you have taken similar and pilot versions of psychology training.

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