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Title Mind Training equips you with ‘eyes for mind’
Posted by infidelitytherapy (ip:)
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  • Date 2019-08-28 23:41:05
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Mind Training equips you with ‘eyes for mind’

[The following is an e-mail of a member who wrote his thought on his treatment process and Mind Training after his treatment.]

It is emphasized that Mind Training informs you of ‘the principles of how human mind and psychology operate’.
I think it equips each trainee with ‘eyes for mind’.

I had lived thinking and feeling, but it was like having eyes open but blind.
After having ‘eyes for mind’, I realized that what I had thought and felt were nothing but illusion.

I used to regret and feel sad, so wished to sink.
However, I have changed my perspectives on the world, and vaguely understood what happiness is after having ‘eyes for mind’.

I have also learned that the conventional psychological theories, lectures and speeches, and diverse knowledge were like 'the blind men touching an elephant on different parts and arguing about what an elephant looks life'. I think I now understand what Mr. Kim means when he says that what conventional psychology experts say sounds great, but is not right.

People pour out raw criticisms in their comments on the contents of videos of seminars, which are based on the Theory of Mimind accusing them as a black-and-white logic, a nonsense, or an unverified and unprofessional argument. I also did so at first, and I understand why they write such comments.

I feel pretty ashamed of myself facing what is presented in Mind Training. I realize I have lived like a blind man with eyes open, and have finally obtained 'eyes for mind', and faced the essence and nature of mind. 

Having tons of knowledge without having 'eyes of mind' only becomes the cause of unhappiness instead of building happiness.

The contents of Mind Training form my thought standards, and my thought standards equip me with 'eyes for mind'.

Mind Training is not knowledge education, but the training of the unconsciousness.

Mind Training enables you to learn about the principles and equip yourself with 'eyes for mind', and then to live your life based on your own experiences and knowledge. It also lets you know that there is nothing wrong or right in one's life.

'How come I have not known this until I become this old?'
'Why have I lived putting my spouse and children into such pain and suffering?'
I reflected on my past with 'eyes for mind' thinking this and that, and regretting many times.

I came to the conclusion that I was in the wrong many times, but I have lived well for being blind with eyes open and not knowing about mind.

Mind Training equals the training to build 'eyes for mind'.

I speculate on how it will affect us in the future. I think I understand why Mr. Kim, who developed the program, runs different seminars. His saying that he just wants to leave behind the record echoes on my ear. I think he hopes that the methods of installing 'eyes for mind' will develop further in future generations.

Althought I have been trained to treat myself due to my wrongdoing, I am convinced that it has become an opportunity to change my life. I am thankful for being given this opportunity. I also appreciate seminars that are offered to inform methods of applying the contents of Mind Training ('eyes for mind'). I feel and realize more watching full videos of seminars. I guess I understand what it means by 'only those who have expperienced know what it is like to feel joy when enlightenment comes to you'.

I hope you understand that Mind Training is not just a training.

I earnestly hope Mind Training be known to as many people as possible since it is the training of truth and principles that equips us with 'eyes for mind' so that we can live as people in relationships with dignity and integrity.


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