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The Method of Infidelity Therapy
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Title [Infidelity Therapy 2] On-line Infidelity Therapy ㅣ  infidelitytherapy
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[Infidelity Therapy 2] On-line Infidelity Therapy

On-line Infidelity Therapy is offered in three languages: Korean, English, and Japanese.

The On-line Treatment Training takes 3 months, so most people are recommended to take Therapy Tour of 5 nights and 6 days if possible. Although it takes 3 months, the On-line Treatment Training is the second best choice for those who can not participate in Therapy Tour. They can treat rage and wounds, and live with happiness ability.

The On-line Treatment Training is the best existing method that helps you treat rage and wounds at the same time, learn the principles and mechanisms of the operation of human mind and psychology, and build happiness ability through the video recordings of the training. It provides the contents of the Theory of Mimind through the training videos, and lead you to treat rage and wounds, construct the prevention methods against wounds, and build happiness ability.

The On-line Treatment Training is a powerful treatment method, and minimizes the burdens on the part of the trainee. You don't have to visit Seoul office, don't have to talk aout your wounds, and you can treat for yourself by treating rage and wounds and building happiness ability. It is a completely different treatment method in quality from conventional counseling, coaching, religion, advice, and psycho-education.

Rage is the expression of wounds that develop due to 'post traumatic stress', and it must be treated immediately to stabilize mind and recover right judgment and thought. The treatment of rage and wounds does not take a long time, and it is quite easy.

The longer the period of marriage, the more wounds are accumulated due to couple problems and conflicts, sex troubles, the problems of children and the husband's and the wife's family, financial problems, and others. The accumulated wounds become to be connected with spouse infidelity, and wounds continue to operate. Rage may disappear, but wounds often continue to make you suffer from pain and sadness accompanied by the memory of spouse infidelity. It is necessary that rage and wounds due to spouse infidelity be treated.

The long reaearch has resulted in the development of Therapy Tour with which the treatment of rage and wounds is achieved just by taking Mind Training without any infidelity counseling, and the effect rate of 95% has been proved through 5 years of clinical demonstration.

Therapy Tour and On-line Treatment Training are the best existing method of wound treatment and psychology treatment.

[On-line Treatment Training]

1. Components of On-line Treatment Training
   1) Therapeutic tasks : The process of treating rage and wounds that have developed
     due to spouse infidelity (Treatment Method)
   2) Mind Training : The process of preventing stress and wounds (Prevention Method)
   3) Psychology Seminar/Infidelity Psychology Seminar/Xes Psychology Seminar (or  
     full versions of videos): Generate will and efforts needed in the process of  
     internalizing the treatment method and the prevention method.
* Missing any one of them necessarily leads to incomplete cure and recurrence of rage   
 and wounds.

2. Time Period of On-line Treatment Training
   1) Sessions of training : 20 sessions total (on-line lecture)
   2) Time taken for training : 20 hours total (1 hour for each session)
   3) Process of training : 20 sessions of Mind Training, therapeutic tasks, e-mail, face- 
     to face, or Internet video protocol consultation, full vidoes of Infidelity Psychology 
   4) Time period of training : valid for 6 months for on-line treatment training, and e-
      mail, face-to face, or Internet video protocol consultation until you become happy.
- Those who are in the treatment process or have completed treatment training are eligible to participate in Psychology Seminar, Infidelity Psychology Seminar, Xes Psyhology Seminar, and continue group counseling with the infidelity psychology specialist free of charge and without time limit. Also, those who can not participate in siminars are eligible to have access to 'exclusive videos for members' and 'full vidoes for training members'.

3. How to apply for on-line treatment training

   1) Infidelity Therapy Homepage : apply at 'Apply for On-line Training'
   2) Please fill out the provided form of appliction and send by e-mail.

4. The Expense of On-line Treatment Training
   Please inquire by e-mail.

5. Benifits of On-line Treatment Training
   1) Free offer of the textbook for infidelity treatment training
   2) Free offer of publications by Beom Young Kim
     - The Treatment Methods of Psychology (1 copy)
     - Who Am I? (1copy)
     - The Revolutionary Treatment Method of Sexual Dysfunctions (1 copy)
     - The Theory of Mimind (1 copy)
     - Healing Conflicts (1 copy)
     - Human Mind (1 copy)
     - Fashion Therapy (1 copy)
     - Healing for Parents (1 copy)
     - Healing in Work and Business (1 copy)
   3) Free membership of Infidelity Psychology Seminars as a training member
   4) Free membership of Korea Institute of Psycho-education (Psychology Seminar)
   5) Free access to the on-line community for Therapy Tour (the opportunity for
     Xesmind Training offered)
  6) Free consultations through e-mails, internet video protocol, and face-to-face talk
     (for unlimited time)
   7) Free membership of Xes Psychology Seminar
   8) Eligible to apply for the training course for the training specialist of infidelity
     treatment and the specialist of Mind Training

6. Benefits of Participation in Seminars

   1) Infidelity Psychology Seminar is a component of infidelity treatment training. It is 
     directly operated by the infidelity psychology specialist Beom Young Kim, and it is
     the only existing group counseling in the world. Wound treatment is impossible and   
     wounds are to recur without infidelity psychology seminars
   2) Infidelity Psychology Seminar is the best benefit for those who take On-line   
     Infidelity Therapy, through which free group counseling is offered without time 
     limit. It addresses contents unknown in the conventional infidelity counseling with
     innovative contents that enable the treatment of rage and wounds and cultivate
     happiness abiity.
   3) 2 hours of group counseling in Infidelity Psychology Seminar has the same
     effect as 5 to 10 hours of conventional infidelity counseling. Those who have
     participated in On-line Infidelity Therapy are highly recommended to participate in 
     Infidelity Psychology Seminars.
   4) Full versions of the video recording of Infidelity Psychology Seminar are offered to
     training menbers who can not participate in person to generate the same effect as 
     when you participate in person.

The expense of On-line Inidelity Therapy may seem expensive, but actually it is not.
It is hoped that you will not waste efforts, time, and expense, and treat rage and wounds with accurate methods and that you will achieve happiness ability. The expense for On-line Infidelity Therapy may be considered relatively low compared with direct and indirect expenses wasted due to rage and wounds that last for a long time.

[Applicaition Form for On-line Treatment Training]

Please fill out the provided form and apply by e-mail, for which we will send you an e-mail with ditailed guide.

*E-mail your application to :

1. ID for On-line Community/Your E-mail Address/Contact Phone Number :
2. The Location of Residence :
3. Sex :
4. Age :
5. Period of Marriage :
6. Participant(s) (choose from the three options: only the wife, only the husband, or 
  the husband and wife) :

7. Questions you may have :

*E-mail your application to :

Beom Young Kim, President of Korea Institute of Psycho-education (Co. Ltd)
                  President of Therapy Tour (Co. Ltd)
                  President of Psychology Siminar, Infidelity Psychology Seminar,
                  Xes Psychology Seminar, and Xesmind Seminar

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