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The Method of Infidelity Therapy
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Title The husband who intends to solve the problem of wife infidelity ㅣ  infidelitytherapy
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  • Date 2019-08-27 15:17:45
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The husband who intends to solve the problem of wife infidelity

Many husbands suffer pain and difficulty due to wife infidelity, and make efforts to solve the problem taking diverse measures. However, it is a reality that husbands hardly use accurate methods to solve the problem of wife infidelity.

The husband makes efforts using different methods and spending time and money, but the time, money, and efforts spent may only help accelerate the process of couple crisis, seperation or divorce, or the worst type of dissolution of family. The husband would blame the wife and the adulterer for everything, and protest that he is the victim. The matters have gone to the worst any way. Many husbands have experienced such processes in the circumstance of wife infidelity.

You must proceed according to the right order and procedure in order to prevent the situation developing in the worst direction due to wife infidelity, and live happily after getting out of post traumatic stress. Missing any one point may lead to the worst situation rather than solving the problems. Please bear in mind this point.

[How to solve the problem of wife infidelity]

Stage 1. The husband must treat rage, and achieve the   
         enlightenment of life no matter what.

   1) 4 things that must be done : Requirement (Therapy Tour or On-line Treatment  
      - Learning the principles of mind (psychology treatment)
      - Therapeutic tasks (wound treatment, free of charge)
      - Consultation for check up for treatment (no time limit, free of charge)
      - Continuation of will and efforts (participation in seminars, free of charge)
      *Therapy Tour and On-line Treatment Training offer the above 4 components as   
   2) Things you must never do : ways to aggravate the situation
      - Counseling including infidelity counseling,  psychology counseling, and couple
      - Coping against the wife or the adulterer, filing a lawsuit, getting a divorce,   
       attacking, having an affair himself
      - Depending on other things, studying psychology, understanding infidelity,   
        depending on videos, writings, lectures, and speeches, immersion into other 
   * When the husband achieves the enlightenment of life after psychology treatment, 
     he can have the stability of psychology and learn how to live happily whether  
     the wife is treated or not, and whether the wife still continues infidelity or 
     not. It must be kept in mind that, although you suffer from pain and rage now, you 
     will be eauipped with the ability to solve everything after treatment.

Stage 2. Offering the wife an opportunity for wound treatment and 
         psychology treatment

   1) The wife herself must realize her problems and feel the necessity of  
   2) The wife should be able to have the perspective of hope and possibility of
      recovery and happiness.
   3) Only then, she can have the will for treatment and make efforts.
   * Wife's treatment is impossible in cases the husband is not treated, the husband forces her to be treated, or the wife does not realize the necessity of treatment.

Stage 3. Living happily

   1) In case stage 1 and stage 2 are completed.
     - The couple relationship is fully recovered.
     - Live happily as a happy couple
     - Infidelity does not recur.
   2) In case stage 1 is completed, but stage 2 is not.
     - The husband lives happily with children.
     - The husband can offer the wife an opportunity for stage 2 (The husband's 
     - The husband is equipped with the ability to cope against the wife and the 
       adulterer (Filing a lawsuit, coping, and attacking are all possible)
     - The husband has the ability to live happily even when he chooses to get a divorce.
     - The huaband never becomes an adulterer.

* The husband who lives without completing stage 1 : He has 90% probability of 
  becoming an adulterer, and is bound to live an unhappy life.

* It is recommended to proceed with stage 1 and stage 2 simultaneously, but stage 1 can 
  and must be proceeded first when the wife refuses or avoids.

* When the husband is not treated, it is impossible to treat the wife under any  
  circumstance, the opportunitiy for wife's treatment is lost, and there is no  
  possibility for couple happiness.

* The problems of wife infidelity can not be solved with any method 
  unless the three stages are proceeded in the designated order.

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