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Title The treatment of rage and wounds is possible with the principles of the operation of mind and psychology ㅣ  infidelitytherapy
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  • Date 2019-08-28 22:54:42
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The treatment of rage and wounds is possible with the principles of the operation of mind and psychology

People who suffer from the problems of infidelity have resentment and disappointment towards their spouses.
Accordingly, they tend to think that their spouse doesn’t understand them, rarely talk to them, and treat them terribly.
Before thinking about the cause of infidelity problem, couple problem, sexual problems, you should know your own mind and then learn about the spouse’s mind. Then you start to know whether the spouse actually loves you.
During the seminars, the patients often talk about the rage and wounds from the spouse and share their stories that have been rotting inside and couldn’t be shared anywhere else.
I encourage the patient to speak comfortably about everything and ask questions to get the details if necessary. Mostly, it is time to express their anger and complaints about their spouse’s faults, what they don’t like.
I often ask them, “What do you think your spouse thinks about you?” Then, they are taken aback for a while and cannot answer right away.
How would you answer this question?
When you say you know yourself, it is in accordance with your own standards to judge and evaluate yourself. It is not according to your spouse’s standard. What you can see is only a tiny piece, and you think this tiny piece is the entire thing. You try to look at yourself from the perspective of another person.
Why can’t you look at yourself from another person’s perspective?
You can’t look at yourself objectively as you have already become self-centered because of the wounds of mind. Also, you have no idea how to know yourself because you don’t understand mind and psychology.
That is why the people with wounds have lost their judgement and self-esteem, and due to these problems, infidelity problems and couple problems can never be solved by the couple.
Like this, the self that is perceived from the spouse
If you can know exactly what it is, most of your infidelity problem and couple problems can be solved.
Once you know what your spouse thinks of you and what you think of your spouse, then you will realize what should be changed, how to live, how to act and speak, and what kind of sex you need to have. Here, it is important to know the exact principles of the mind and psychology of humans. If you don’t know this, you can’t understand yours or your spouse’s mind.
This is the crucial key to solving infidelity problem and couple problem.
So, on Psychotherapy Tour, you will have the time to learn about yourself and learn what to do next. As soon as this is done, the problems of the couple will disappear like magic. As the unconscious operates, the rage and wounds from infidelity are treated.
Therefore, when the problems of infidelity and the problem of couple arise, you will only get hurt by enduring and suffering alone. You won’t be able to solve your problems if you only do what you think is right without knowing the mind of your spouse and the mind of yourself.
I developed Psychotherapy Tour that can minimize the effort, expense, and time for a quick and precise treatment of rage and wounds and can also enjoy travelling at the same time.
Now, you have the opportunity to learn about the mind and psychology of your spouse and yourself, just like you have always wanted.

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