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Title Conventional psychological theories deal with only part of human psychology ㅣ  infidelitytherapy
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  • Date 2019-08-28 22:56:12
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Conventional psychological theories deal with only part of human psychology

Humans have the psychology composed of less than 5% of the conscious and more than 95% of the unconscious. The 95 % of the unconscious is composed ot habits and mind energy. Those who are falmiliar with the study of psychology know about the conscious and the unconscious, but not the operation fo mind energy.

All the conventional psychological theories are about the conscious and habits researching on less that 10 % of human psychology.

The methods of psychology treatment and psychology education developed based on psychological theories that deal with only less than 10 % of mind have serious problems. This is why general psychology couneling and other treatment counseling does not bring about the treatment of rage and wounds.

A psychological theory that interprets the mechanisms of the operation of the unconscious that occupies more than 90 % of human psychology has not existed so far. Therefore, it was difficult to treat rage and wound, and treat psychology based on only the conventional psychology counseling, and the rate of cure has stayed at 10 to 20 % even with development of new and diverse counseling theories and psychological theories.

The Theory of Migene, the Theory of Mimind, and the Theory of Xesmind, which were firstly developed in the world by the present author theoretically interpret and systimize the principles of the operation of 'the mind energy of the unconscious' that occupies 90 % of human mind. It has also led to a new psychological theory, counseling theory, treatment theory, and education theory.

Thus, infidelity problems (rage treatment, wound treatment, the treatment of delusional jealousy), the disorder of xes psychology, sexual dysfunction, abnormal psychology, addiction, and other mental disorders can be easily treated. 

You can clearly understand human mind and psychology, the principles of psychological interactions, and how the emotions of joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure are generated based on the developed psychological theory. It is Infidelity Treatment Training that informs you of all of the above.

When you understnd the operation of the unconscious, which can not be interpreted using the conscious, and you form the habits of the unconscious through Infidelity Treatment Training, you can analyze the psychologicl operation of everyone in the world at a glance. It is Infidelity Treatment Training that enables this.

Now, you have the opportunity to learn the mechanism of the operation of human mind and psychology no money could buy you.

One thing to be noted is that people who already know about conventional counseling theories and psychologicla theories should be careful.

The knowledge of conventional counseling theories and psychological theories composed of the conscious and habits can not interpret the Theory of Mimind. You need to forget for a moment about what you have learned in conventional psychological theories and counseling theories in order to understand the Theory of Mimind. It has been common features in people who, with pain and suffering, have participated in Infidelity Treatment Training for rage and wound treatment .

There are people who talk about the unconscious and the theories of the unconscious, none of whom seems to accurately interpret the unconscious. It is a sad reality that ill-prepared and pseudo experts rule.

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