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Title The Development of Psychotherapy Tour and the Verification of its Effectiveness ㅣ  infidelitytherapy
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  • Date 2019-08-28 23:00:48
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The Development of Psychotherapy Tour and the Verification of its Effectiveness

The unconsciousness of women recognizes negative emotions and remembers them as wounds. Also, it has the ability to treat the wounds and create love and happiness.
However, most women don’t realize that they have the ability to create love and happiness and think that their happiness solely comes from the love and attention from men.
Watching all the women in my infidelity counseling, xes psychology counseling, couple counseling, and other counseling sessions thinking the same, I decided to develop Psychotherapy Tour that will help these women to find happiness in their life of meaning and life of value.
After a long research, I developed Psychotherapy Tour that can treat the rage and wounds with just a tour and devised a training program for the principles behind the operation of mind and psychology.
The effects of Psychotherapy Tour are proven by the clinical application of the past 3 years.
After developing Psychotherapy Tour, I explained it to men and women suffering from pain and difficulties from infidelity to observe their reaction.
Men unanimously say, ‘I immediately understand the importance of Psychotherapy Tour to women and see that my wife and daughter need it. But, I want my wife to apply it only to me and nobody else. It is the best mind training as of now’. Also, women unanimously say, ‘Is it really possible? I can’t believe it.’
Men understood the need for Psychotherapy Tour the moment they hear about it, and women had a tendency to doubt it.
Seeing the women’s reaction, men say that “I don’t understand how women don’t see the importance of Psychotherapy Tour.”
Women come to participate in Psychotherapy Tour because their husbands strongly recommended it. After some time, they say, “Why didn’t I know about this before? I would’ve lived so much happier if I knew these things.“ Then, they decide to live a life of value and meaning as a happy woman by training studiously. With wonder, they watch themselves and their lives slowly becoming enjoyable and happy.
Also, another change the women experience is that the husband feels very happy even though his wife has the say, enjoys everything he does with his wife and considers themselves as a dating couple.
Although the parents have not tried anything special for their children, their children also become bright and happy, find self-esteem and self-confidence, and study harder.
This is only natural.
Psychotherapy Tour is the mind training that can totally alter your life of value and life of meaning.
That is why Psychotherapy Tour is an innovative treatment training method that can simultaneously treat the rage and wounds caused by infidelity.
Psychotherapy Tour is usually not recommended for men. However, if he is in severe pain or in a high risk of committing suicide, we suggest Psychotherapy Tour. The reason why Psychotherapy Tour is usually not offered to men is because, as the trained women already know, women hold the key to the psychology of men which also includes the ways for men to utilize women.
Like mentioned above, Psychotherapy Tour is developed in order to equip women with happiness habits, the ability to control psychology and feelings, and also to enable them to find their life and happiness. It is a treatment training method that I developed to treat rage and wounds.
Anyone over the age of 20 can participate in Psychotherapy Tour regardless of their age.
If you are suffering from the pain and difficulties of an infidelity problem but want to live a happy life of value and life of meaning, please apply for Psychotherapy Tour.
Psychotherapy Tour is a mind training that combines the treatment of rage and the treatment training with a tour. The other name for this is happiness training.
You can find genuine love and happiness and can extricate yourself from the pain of infidelity through Psychotherapy Tour.

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