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Title The Anticipated Results of Psychotherapy Tour ㅣ  infidelitytherapy
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  • Date 2019-08-28 23:03:02
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The Anticipated Results of Psychotherapy Tour

Psychotherapy Tour provides ‘mind training to treat the rage and wounds from infidelity’ while traveling based on the newly developed theories of Migene, Mimind, Xesmind, the psychological treatment method, and the treatment training method.
Psychotherapy Tour is for those who are suffering from the pain of infidelity and can offer the treatment of rage and the treatment of wounds at the same time.
The mind energy of the unconscious doesn’t change from your birth to death. Using this mind energy, psychological disorders can be treated and you can live a healthy and happy life. Simultaneously, analyzing and applying the psychology of human relationships (including relationships between men and women) allow preventing, coping, and solving your own and others’ psychological problems.
The rapid change of your psychology will transform your personality, and you can create happiness habits with the treatment of the psychology.
Psychotherapy Tour will make your life happy within your human relationships.
This cannot be done through the human consciousness. When the unconscious mind energy is applied to change the unconscious habits, the mind turns into a happy psychology quickly and easily. It means that this is the mind training to transform your mind.
Psychotherapy Tour targets adults and equips those suffering from infidelity with the happiness habits for a healthy and happy life. It gives them the ability to live happily without other’s advice. In particular, Psychotherapy Tour is more effective because it can instill happiness habits in you as well as others.
The treatment effect of psychology disorders
The treatment of rage and wounds from infidelity, the psychological treatment of emotional memory disorder (depression, bipolar disorder, insomnia, ennui, eating disorder, excessive sexual desire, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobias, anxiety, panic disorder, and other emotional disorder), neurosis, addiction disorder (personality disorder, impulsive disorder, sex addiction, shopping addiction, relationship addiction and other addiction and cognitive disorders)
Building upright and healthy personality in adolescence
The solution to psychological problems, the prevention of suicide, the solution to learning disabilities, the resolution of family conflicts, the solution to friendship problems, improved grades, improved learning performance, the prevention and treatment of wounds, sexual education through Xes psychology training
Making Happiness Habits
Solution to psychological problems, suicide prevention, the resolution of family conflicts and couple conflicts, the resolution of problems of interpersonal relationships, the recovery of and improvement in self-esteem and self-confidence, couple happiness, finding pleasure and happiness of sexual life, generating love and happiness, the formation of habits of happiness for women
Harmonizing Career with Personal Happiness
Generating the ability to harmonize the achievement of career goals and personal happiness, the achievement of enjoyable and happy life with regard to founding and running business and pursuing career, the formation of desirable interpersonal relationships, the cultivation of creative and progressive thinking and practice, the maximization of professional competence
Solutions to concerns and problems of xes
Creating love and happiness through the training of a healthy and beautiful xes psychology, solution to sexual dysfunctions, solutions to various concerns and problems of sex, happiness in spousal relationship, solution to spousal infidelity
You will also acquire the ability to solve your own psychological problems and the ability to create smooth and happy human relationships (including spousal relationship, couple relationship, dating relationship, love relationship, sexual relationship, friendship, partnership, relationship with an acquaintance, business relationship and other human relationships).
In particular, Psychotherapy Tour has a powerful effect of creating happiness habits through the ability to analyze psychology and to control emotions.

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