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The Concept of Infidelity Therapy
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Title The reason why people feel uncomfortable about joining Psychotherapy Tour ㅣ  infidelitytherapy
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  • Date 2019-08-28 23:11:16
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The reason why people feel uncomfortable about joining Psychotherapy Tour

There are many different types of people who participate in Psychotherapy Tour.
Currently, there are many different types of counseling depending on the symptoms: psychological counseling, couple counseling, family counseling, children counseling, psychiatric counseling. However, people feel reluctant to get counseling even though the patient or their partner has a psychological problem. For Psychotherapy Tour, people go beyond the feelings of discomfort and can even feel repulsed by the idea. The reason why people are so uncomfortable and repulsed by the idea of Psychotherapy Tour is because the word “treatment” is problematic.
When one is receiving treatment, one has to go through psychological test and personality tests and has to talk about the wounds and hardships from the childhood to the present. This type of counseling method is problematic. There are counseling methods currently in development to reduce the discomfort in the patients, but the patients still need to talk about their wounds and difficulties.
For these types of counseling, you talk about your own traumas (wounds and stress), sexual problems, personal problems, and couple problems to your counselor (expert). Humans cannot talk about their critical weaknesses to others and even to their intimate ones. Even for experts, it is difficult to expose your weaknesses to others by sharing your problems, hardships, and pain. Therefore, people get repulsed by the idea of Psychotherapy Tour.
Also, most people who have experienced different types of counseling already have stereotypes about psychological treatment. They are certain of its ineffectiveness in treating their problem and think of it as a waste of money.
This happens because of the adverse effects of the ineffective conventional counseling that utilizes the orthodox psychological theories. It is an open secret that those can’t even treat depression. This is why people feel uncomfortable and are even repulsed by the idea of getting psychological treatment.
It is definitely true that infidelity and sexual problems are critical weaknesses and a huge trauma that cannot be shared easily with strangers (despite being a counselor or expert, they are still a stranger). Especially for socially renowned people, celebrities, CEOs, and the rich cannot receive counseling because they have to conceal it from others.
I do not question the details of the infidelity problem and sexual problems in order to reduce the discomfort and repulsion associated with Psychotherapy Tour.

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