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The Concept of Infidelity Therapy
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Title The biggest strength of Psychotherapy Tour ㅣ  infidelitytherapy
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  • Date 2019-08-28 23:15:18
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The biggest strength of Psychotherapy Tour

The most important thing that you need to consider when choosing Psychotherapy Tour are the treatment of rage and wounds caused by infidelity and creating happiness ability. Infidelity counseling solves infidelity problems through counseling about the problems of infidelity, rage and wounds, and other things associated with spousal relationships. Psychotherapy Tour does not need infidelity counseling to treat rage and wounds and create happiness ability. Therefore, it is a more sophisticated treatment method.
I accumulated tips during the years of providing infidelity counseling and organized these key elements of the counseling to develop Psychotherapy Tour. It combines a tour and the treatment training and has the same effectiveness as 3 years of infidelity counseling.
In the past, I spent my free time developing the infidelity counseling methods and found out that infidelity counseling is completely different from couple counseling. Like this, from 2011, I found out the problems with infidelity counseling, and developed something new to make up for their problems.
I developed Psychotherapy Tour for the first time in the world, so no one else is providing it. Therefore, it must be very new to you.
Psychotherapy Tour is a treatment method that no counselor or expert has even imagined. I have been continuously developing treatment methods and infidelity counseling methods until I developed Psychotherapy Tour. It was all to minimize the time, money, and effort spent to solve infidelity problems and to treat rage and wounds and equip you with happiness ability.
However, most people hesitate to choose Psychotherapy Tour.
The causes can be summarized into the list below:
Can I treat rage and wounds and create happiness ability only through Psychotherapy Tour without receiving any infidelity counseling?
Isn’t it too expensive?
What should I do if my rage and wounds remain untreated after Psychotherapy Tour?
I have heard of infidelity counseling but not Psychotherapy Tour. Can I trust it?
There is no review of Psychotherapy Tour.
When I read the postings, my mind becomes calm. If I struggle on my own a little more, everything will be solved.
There are many other reasons that make you hesitate.
However, people who hesitate will hesitate regardless of what I tell you. Therefore, I simply say this.
There are more than 1000 people who participated in Psychotherapy Tour. 90% of them say that they at least want to write a review. The reason is that they want to let others know about the strong effectiveness of Psychotherapy Tour. There are a lot of participants of Psychotherapy Tour who wish to become expert trainers. Just with this alone, the worries listed above are proven to be pointless.
If you participate in Psychotherapy Tour, there is a really great merit.
After you participate in Psychotherapy Tour, you can participate in seminars and experience group counseling (infidelity counseling for a group of people). This group counseling is 2 to 5 times more effective than normal infidelity counseling. Only the best professional in the field of infidelity counseling can offer this type of group counseling for infidelity. I provide monthly seminars in Japan and Korea. I offer this service for free to the participants of Psychotherapy Tour.
The group counseling of the seminar is not videotaped or disclosed. Also, every seminar will focus on different topics. Only the participants will grasp the true worth of the sessions.
For your information, it takes about 20,000 Yen for those who have not participated in Psychotherapy Tour to come to these seminars. Even when you come, your participation in the seminar will be limited to listening only. Of course, if you have reserved an appointment after the seminar, there will be a session of infidelity counseling.
You can refer to the ‘notices about seminars’ for the details of the scheduled seminars.
Also, the past participants of Psychotherapy Tour can participate in the seminars without set limits to how long or how many times you can participate. You can always come and have infidelity counseling with the infidelity psychology expert anytime.
If you are getting infidelity counseling, it is 30,000 Yen per hour. So, the infidelity counseling is the bigger merit to you considering the expense of Psychotherapy Tour. The goal of Psychotherapy Tour is 100% treatment and this treatment will be carried out through Psychotherapy Tour, tour, and infidelity counseling. It is not just Psychotherapy Tour that you are paying for, but also the continuous infidelity counseling until you achieve the goal of happiness which is offered for free.
Psychotherapy Tour alone can treat rage and wounds and create happiness ability. However, in rare cases, some people’s wounds are not treated or they haven’t created happiness ability by the end of Psychotherapy Tour. At this point, we offer the group counseling after Psychotherapy Tour to care for you continuously. This is seminar. Of course, if you need it, we offer infidelity counseling for free as well.
Therefore, the seminar is only for those who are doing Psychotherapy Tour or who have finished Psychotherapy Tour. This is the biggest merit for those who chose Psychotherapy Tour.
Psychotherapy Tour can treat your rage and wounds caused by infidelity in a way that is unimaginable. You can create the happiness ability on your own. There is no greater merit, and you can experience it for yourself when your life is completely transformed from being unhappy to being happy.

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