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Title The wife who can not trust the husband feeling he is a hypocrite after husband infidelity ㅣ  infidelitytherapy
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  • Date 2019-08-28 23:26:13
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The wife who can not trust the husband feeling he is a hypocrite after husband infidelity

The wife can not but have doubts and can not trust the husband when the husband keeps lying and continues infidelity saying he has stopped infidelity. The wife suffers from pain feeling betrayed and enraged by hypocrisy.

They get tired from arguing and fighting in this process. You can not help getting pain and wounds. You can not believe him any more when he says he has stopped infidelity, and they have more quarrels and the wife's doubt continues.

The problem is that the wife thought all the problems would be solved once the husband stops infidelity when husband infidelity occurred.

There must have been causes of husband infidelity. They should have analyzed the causes and made serious efforts to deal with the causes together. The phenomenon in which the wife can not forgive the husband occurs since the wife's wounds and pain have not been treated. Then, the wife's doubt grows, and her distrust leads to more disputes. Also, this may make the husband stay away from home even more continuing infidelity.

Eventually, the wife and the husband think seaprately and they stop communicating. The wife's rage and distrust grow, and the couple relationship aggravates.

The wife is likely to be disatisfied with having sex with the husband, and even trivial matters may lead to emotional conflicts growing distrust toward the husband even more. Also, any thing that triggers the thought of infidelity in daily life makes the husband avoid and the wife doubt. Even small things repeatedly lead to arguments due to the idea that the husband has betrayed the wife. The wife makes the resolution that she would never pick a fight, but she starts quarreling, in spite of herself, everytime she sees the husband.

When these problems continue, the husband can not but wander about without having comfort at home, which may lead to another case of infidelity. It is as if the wife has driven him out.

Also, they may become a sexless couple, and the couple relationship may become dull, which in turn makes the wife feel depressive and become skeptical about her relationship and life. Now, their relationship is full of pain and wounds. Only the darkness is seen ahead for the couple.

This has resulted from both the husband and the wife taking the matter easy with the idea that the issue of husband infidelity can be resolved by their own efforts. It happens since they do not know that the probelm of infidelity can not be solved by the couple.

The analysis of many couples in pain after husband infidelity shows that the husbands' lying makes the wife's doubt, and distrust continues even when the husband infidelity stops, and they get more and more tired arguing and fighting. The two people can not find the solution at all in this serious circumstance.

In this case, both the husband and the wife must get involved in solving the problem.

The couple relationship can be recovered to normal, and advance to a happy couple relationship by changing thought, restructuring the relationship, and treating pain and wounds.

Even more serious situation than husband infidelity can occur without Infidelity Treatment Training to solve the problem of infidelity. Many couples experience marriage crisis due to inappropriate management of infidelity issue. They have tried to resolve the matter on their own rather than through Therapy Tour (Tretment Tour) or Infidelity Treatment Training.

The problem of infidelity is beyond the ability of the parties involved.

The wife must not have arguments with the husband, have doubts, or agonize over the matter getting stressed until the problem of infidelity is completely solved. In the mean time, she must employ the accurate way to deal with the issue of husband infidelity taking Therapy Tour (Treatment Tour) or Infidelity Treatment Training. 

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