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Title Husband Having Difficulties in Restoring His Relationship with Wife after Infidelity ㅣ  infidelitytherapy
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  • Date 2019-08-28 23:27:50
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Husband Having Difficulties in Restoring His Relationship with Wife after Infidelity

It is one of the common cases where many husbands who had an affair have difficulties. After the infidelity, the husband clears up the relationship with the adulteress and comes back to his daily life to find his relationship with his wife changed.
This happens even when the husband stopped having affairs after being discovered and both husband and wife have tried to solve their problems.
Why does the relationship with the wife remain unresolved after everything else came back to normal?
When wife’s psychological treatment did not take place
This is the case when only the affair is stopped and the wife’s wounds, rage and feelings of betrayal remain untreated. The wife also thought that she will be okay after the affair stops, but her wounds, rage, and feelings of betrayal didn’t go away.
Although the husband’s affair ended and will not be repeated, the wife’s psychological wounds have been made and will not be treated easily. Therefore, because the wife is conscious of the past internally and externally when expressing her affection or having a relationship with her husband, the relationship cannot be restored.
Further, the husband feels pushed to the pitch because of the wife’s continued suspicion and rage. He can no longer have conversations with her, has to watch his behaviors and feels more stressed because the wife reacts hysterically to the news articles, soaps, and other information.
In this case, they are still under the influence of infidelity although the affair ended.
When the husband still feels guilty
The husband may be self-conscious about his infidelity and consider himself owing to the children and wife. He may feel awkward around the wife because he feels guilty and ashamed.
He is psychologically withdrawn because he now has the psychological wound of losing the status of the head, husband, and father of the family.
That is, his infidelity problem looks completely solved on the outside, but the trust between the husband and wife is not restored. This is the reason why they have a hard time restoring their relationship.
The husband becomes more stressed out because he cannot say anything to his wife as he was the one that had an affair.
If you are this husband having difficulties with restoring your relationship with wife, then you should get counseling for the restoration of your couple relationship rather than for infidelity.
Therefore, the husband who had an affair and his wife who was the victim both have to be treated in order to restore the relationship. Then, the couple can become happier than before.

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