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Title A wife suffering and worrying about her husband’s infidelity ㅣ  infidelitytherapy
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  • Date 2019-08-28 23:31:55
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A wife suffering and worrying about her husband’s infidelity

Thinking about the husband enjoying having sex with another woman is very painful for the wife who loves, trusts, and depends on the husband. It is only natural to have regrets in your life, feel like the husband is filthy, and accumulate wounds.
Most wives are shocked by the husband’s infidelity, feel betrayed and live in an excruciating pain.
If they do not have anyone to discuss about the husband’s infidelity, get advice from, and empathize with them, their pain is aggravated and develops into depression. Of course, the advice itself will not solve the problems of the husband’s infidelity. It will only cause more serious spousal conflicts.
Depending on the wife’s personality, they react differently to the husband’s infidelity. Some cheat on their husbands out of spite or enjoy sex with a one-time sex friend to relieve of the frustration and pain. In this case, the wife becomes an adulteress herself whom she hated the most.
Most women are disgusted by the adulterous husband and wish to get a divorce due to the feelings of betrayal. However, they are frustrated and sad that they cannot get a divorce because of the problems of children, family, finances, and etc. Then, they consider other options to solve the infidelity of the husband. They look for the relevant information on the internet and in books.
Even if they want to receive infidelity counseling, the expense is too burdensome. Sometimes, infidelity counseling aggravates the problems of infidelity. So, they get lost in the flood of information and just give up trying.
However, any piece of information or data will not solve the difficulties or the problems of the husband’s infidelity. It will only make the problems worse. The relationship with the husband will just be for the show eventually and cause psychological pain. In spite of all the pain, you repeatedly search for the information and data to solve the problems of husband’s infidelity because you think you shouldn’t live like this.
Then, have you thought about the fundamental problem of the husband’s infidelity?
When you look at the husband’s infidelity, in most cases, the husband relieves his sexual desires with other women because he couldn’t get the sexual pleasure and satisfaction from the wife as she lacks the sexual appeal. This is not saying that all husbands’ infidelity is caused by sex. However, it means that the husband fell into a relationship addiction which is an obsession with the fun and pleasure sought with the adulteress.
Of course, it was passionate during the honeymoon phase and dating, but the wife gradually lost her sexual appeal. They now feel ennui and cannot gain sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Over time, he considers having sex with other women and has an affair to relieve his sexual desire.
Why does the husband lose his passion and cannot gain sexual pleasure and satisfaction from their relationship? Why did the wife lose her sexual appeal to the husband?
This happens because both the husband and the wife do not know how to enjoy sex and they get used to each other. Most married couples are like this. The husband doesn’t know that he lacks sexual skills, and he tries to gain sexual pleasure and satisfaction from another woman. The wife doesn’t know that she lacks sexual skills, so she agonizes over the husband’s infidelity and suffers.
Eventually, it happens because the husband doesn’t know what sex is himself. If the wife knows exactly what sex is, the husband finds her attractive again, become passionate toward sex with the wife again.
However, it is very difficult for women to improve her skills even though she wants to know exactly what sex is.
Sex is not taught systematically anywhere. Most sexual counseling centers talk about the techniques, so it is impossible to learn about the nature of sex. There is no place where you can learn about the nature of sex. Also, the wife is also a woman, so it is very difficult to learn about the nature of sex.
Psychotherapy Tour teaches you about infidelity and the nature of sex. If a woman realizes the nature of sex, the spousal relationship changes dramatically. The husband will have passion towards the wife, and their relationship will become happy. Also, the relationship will evolve into one that they had when they were dating. They can naturally solve all concerns, difficulties, and pain.
Many women choose Psychotherapy Tour thinking that they have nothing to lose. Then, they realize that the husband’s infidelity is not only the fault of the husband and that she also had a lot of problems. They learn about the psychology and cause of the husband’s infidelity. They realize the importance of knowing the nature of sex as a woman.
When women know exactly what the nature of sex is, they can easily apply it to the husband. They will be surprised by the speed of transformation in the husband’s interest in you and in his sexual passion. In this process, the wife may experience discomfort at first. Later, she will gain happiness easily and comfortably. The husband restores his passion toward his wife and finds the solution to his own infidelity.

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