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Title A couple who suffered and strayed about for too long ㅣ  infidelitytherapy
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  • Date 2019-08-28 23:36:47
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A couple who suffered and strayed about for too long

[The following is a case that straightforwardly shows the wife’s role is crucial in solving the problem of infidelity even when the husband is in the wrong in husband infidelity. It is a pitiable case where time, expense, and efforts are wasted, which happens often in husband infidelity.]

The wife found out about husband infidelity about 4 years ago, which led to the wife’s rage. They fought and filed for a divorce proceeding twice, but gave up on a divorce due to problems of economy and children. They have been living in rage, conflicts, and crisis.

The husband is doing his best to recover, but the wife finds fault with the husband for even little things and get enraged. Now, both of them have fallen into despair feeling nothing works.

The first year was difficult for both of them with the wife getting enraged and the husband avoiding, and then they decided to get some professional help with counseling and recover the relationship. The wife had been watching the videos of my seminars from the beginning after she found out about husband infidelity, but she decided to get couple counseling first due to the issue of time and expense.

However, couple counseling did not treat the wife’s wounds. Their relationship aggravated even more, and the wife developed depression. She had to be on medication for depression, and the husband still wanted to recover and found another counseling program. They went through almost all available programs including coaching, counseling, therapies, and techniques that claimed to specialize in infidelity ceses for the next 3 years. They seemed to work temporarily, but ended up causing even bigger problems.

The time period of 3 years, the expense that was spent paying for all the counseling and treatment methods, and the efforts that were made by the wife and the husband... It turned out that they had simply wasted time, expense, and efforts on pointless and vain things.

When they reached the conclusion that there was no way left to try, they came to talk about the videos of my seminars, and they decided to apply for Therapy Tour together. They earnestly requested me for treatment and recovery since they applied for Therapy Tour thinking this was their last chance.

I think they are amazing in the sense that they have persevered and kept making efforts for 3 years, and both the husband and the wife are still making efforts wanting to recover their relationship.

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