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Title A couple who have overcome suffering and become happy ㅣ  infidelitytherapy
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  • Date 2019-08-28 23:39:44
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A couple who have overcome suffering and become happy

The wife who suffers from husband infidelity.
The husband who suffers from wife infidelity.

It is a fact that all wives and husbands want to recover as a happy couple after treating wounds and psychology more than anything. However, many of them suffer for a long time, can not bear the suffering and get a divorce, or commit infidelity themselves and live as an adulterer or adulteress since they do not know how to treat wounds and psychology and how to recover to become a happy couple.

The wife who had taken treatment training, but stopped contacting sent me an e-mail after more than one year.

She said that training programs such as Treatment Training can not be found anywhere else, and only those who experience the treatment and happiness may understand the effectiveness of the program. She hoped more people would take Therapy Tour and On-line Treatment Training to treat and become happy.

I remember that this wife experienced utmost rage due to husband infidelity, and kept blaming the husband even during the treatment training refusing to treat rage and wounds.

The wife was convinced that the husband was to blame for everything, even for her refusing to treat herself, which caused a longer time for treatment. However, she continued to participate in seminars and consultation, and stabilized psychology and treated wounds. She improved quickly and achieved happiness ability after she realized that she herself had to treat her own wounds.

The wife continued therapeutic tasks, and participated in Infidelity Seminars or watched videos of seminars after treatment training. She said that she accurately understood about the methods of treating wounds and building happiness ability in the process of e-mail and face-to-face consultation.

They had not had e-mail consultation and not participated in Infidelity Seminar for more than a year since then, and one day I got an e-mail from her saying they were living happily.

They were able to treat wounds and build happiness ability when the husband admitted that he had a psychological disorder and treated his paychology and continued efforts for recovery, and the wife accurately understood that she was not at fault for her wounds.

Now, they understoond why Mind Training is important in treatment training, why therapeutic tasks are necessary in daily life, why Infidelity Seminar (and videos of seminars) is important, and how important free consultation (e-mail and ace-to-face), not treatment counseling, is.

The wife said that past wounds have become memories after they returned to happy life with happy feelings, and thanked for learning how to live happily with her husband.

I feel rewarded and more responsible when I receive such e-mails. She confirmed the accuracy of rage treatment that enables the treatment of post traumatic stress, wound treatment that enables the recovery of daily life, psychology treatment that enables the recovery of body and mind, and the process of the establishment of happiness ability.   

You can be assured that, although you are suffering from rage and wounds for now, you can also treat rage and wounds and build happiness ability with Therapy Tour or On-line Treatment Training. It is strongly recommended that you just take Therapy Tour or start On-line Treatment Training before anything.

Her e-mail was a great encouragement for me. I imagine them living happily and keep going with my job.

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